SmiRoh Technologies is a women owned Minority Company started in 1998 with an urge to serve in the IT industry with the knowledge and experience we have gained.
SmiRoh Technologies has been one of the leaders in providing IT consultants for all business small to big with our primary focus on Health IT, Web Development, Web Application Software Development, Data Center, Network Security, and Human Capital consultancy. We have built on our expertise in health IT and offer a growing range of services specific to the healthcare industry. We work with our partners by bringing "Best Options" to the development and deployment of solutions. For most problems, there are multiple solutions possible and therefore SmiRoh Technologies enables our customers to explore all solutions that are potentially the "Best Options".

Having extensive experience on many Centre for Medicaid Services (CMS) projects in the healthcare industry, we have gained and mastered certain areas of development in CMS. We have also ventured into other peripherals like software development, website development, web application development, IT infrastructure modernization, IT Security, and Human capitalization providing excellent and qualified resources to our clients to meet their business goals. We have joined hands with several strategic technology partners in providing Data Centre Security Service and Business Management and Technology Consulting. These Information Technology engagements have resulted in true bottom line results, providing measurable benefits to our customers. Reliable, cost effective, innovative and agile solutions are corevalues and commitments of our customer services. Our significant technical capabilities and industry experience enable us to build strong relationships with our clients.

Most of our new business comes through client recommendations and partnering with other firms to leverage complementary strengths. Both clients and partners are consistently impressed with the eligibility, high quality, and cost-effectiveness of our solutions. Every customer is unique to us. We want to learn your special requirements.
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